RAR Password Cracker

RAR Password Cracker 4.20

Recover RAR archive passwords


  • Step-by-step assistant
  • Two recovery methods
  • Benchmarking function


  • Doesn't include dictionaries
  • Instructions not very clear

Not bad

RAR Password Cracker is a basic RAR password recovery app that will help you crack password protected files that you just can't open.

RAR Password Cracker is a simple program that attempts to recover passwords by using two different methods - Dictionary attack and Bruteforce attack. The first one works by using a selection of dictionary words of your own choosing, while the second uses a random selection of numbers and letters to try and crack the password.

The program uses a wizard to guide you through the process - adding files, creating projects, choosing your methods and monitoring the results. RAR Password Cracker also has a benchmark function, so you can see how fast it is working, but in tests, it wasn't actually very speedy.

Also bear in mind that RAR Password Cracker doesn't come with dictionary files - you'll have to download them separately.

RAR Password Cracker will open password protected compressed RAR files, but results can be slow.

RAR Password Cracker


RAR Password Cracker 4.20

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